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 crafted with fresh ingredients

Our mission

  • Provide delicious dip mixes
  • Use the freshest products
  • Guarantee Freshness
  • Be free of salt or MSG
  • Make every item with love

Gourmet Farms of Colorado and Best Dips have been around since 1996. In that time, Sheila and I have worked more than 600 craft fairs and markets. We have sold to about 100,000 people in fourteen states (and served at least a million).

We try to make the freshest, best-tasting products possible. By making everything weekly we guarantee freshness. Also, WE DO NOT ADD SALT OR MSG. We try to be honest and fair, and we want customers with no complaints. If we do make a mistake, please let us know—your business is important to us.

Please support our good friends, Lori and Phil Miller, who have worked hard the last few years to bring their own style to the Gourmet Farms brand. You will also be seeing my son, Henry III (Scooter), and his darling wife, Caroline, on the road beginning in 2008.

For those who have not yet heard, Henry joined the angels on May 24, 2009. While he may not be with us, Henry’s heart and soul can be found in those whose lives he touched. To each of us, Henry was a friend who will be deeply missed.

To all of our loyal friends and customers who have offered your sympathies, hugs, and prayers, we thank you. Your support has been a blessing beyond words.

With Love, Sheila

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