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Chipotle Salsa, Dip Queso MixChipotle Salsa, Dip & Queso Mix

Description: This medium heat mix has great chipotle flavor and makes a salsa, dip, or chili con queso. Try it as a dry rub on ribs, too! Ingr: onion, bell pepper, green chile, chipotle and spice



Pumpkin Pie Fruit Dip & Cheeseball MixPumpkin Pie Fruit Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: This holiday favorite smells like Grandma’s cooking in the kitchen. MMMMmmmmm good all year.


Veggie Dip & Cheeseball MixVeggie Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: Great to serve with with any kind of vegetable – this one is unique.


green chiliGreen Chili Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: Mild green chili flavor, not hot at all, just flavorful! Also excellent as a cheese ball with tortilla chips. Add lime for a tart burst of flavor.


Mocha Cappuccino dessert mix dipMocha Cappuccino

Description: Mocha Cappuccino dessert mix dip for fruit, cookies or even ice cream with subtle coffee and chocolate flavors.


Hydra Dip and Salsa mixHydra Dip and Salsa mix

Description: Caution!! Hot!!!! On a scale of 1 to 10 - it's an 11! - Our hottest dip mix, it has ghost peppers.


Key Lime Fruit Dip & Cheeseball MixKey Lime Fruit Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: Old Duval Street flavor. Just like Sheila’s keylime pie.. nice with fruit, etc.


Southwest Salsa & Queso MixSouthwest Salsa & Queso Mix

Description: Delicious as a salsa or queso


cajun dip mixCajun Dip Mix

Description: Authentic Cajun flavor with just enough heat! Ingr onion, garlic, cayenne, tabasco, black pepper & spices


orange dessertOrange Fruit Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: Always a sell-out at the shows. Tastes Like a Dreamsicle. Yummy.


Roasted Garlic Dip & Cheeseball MixRoasted Garlic Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: This one is for garlic lovers only. A great Mediterranean flavor, very good for cooking and marinades.


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