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Green Onion Dip & Cheeseball MixGreen Onion Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: This is the mildest dip in our line. Perfect with chips, veggies or as a potato topper.



cajun dip mixCajun Dip Mix

Description: Authentic Cajun flavor with just enough heat! Ingr onion, garlic, cayenne, tabasco, black pepper & spices


garlic chive dip mixGarlic Chive Dip Mix

Description: Add a little zip to just about anything grilled. Wonderful with a squeeze of fresh lemon on Salmon or Halibut. Ing: Garlic chives


cucumber dill dip and dressing mixCucumber Dill

Description: Cucumber Dill dressing or dip mix has a mild flavor. Perfect as a dip or a salad dressing and is fantastic over grilled salmon!

artichoke spinach dip mixArtichoke Spinach Mix

Description: Thick and creamy, perfect with bread, veggies or mild cheese. A holiday party classic.


cheddar bacon dip mix from Gourmet Farms of ColoradoCheddar Bacon Dip Mix

The soy bits give a great bacon taste to this vegetarian dip and real crowd pleaser. Yummy on a baked potato too! This is our best seller back east!


Blue Cheese Dip and Dressing MixBlue Cheese Dip Mix

Description: A mild and versatile dip, dressing mix or as a cheeseball. Perfect with buffalo wings or with fresh vegetables.


Spinach Dip & Cheeseball MixSpinach Dip & Cheeseball Mix

Description: One of our favorites – and you don’t have to add any spinach… serve hot in a bread bowl or cold with chips.


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